Onsite Flu Shots For H1N1 Can Save Employers Thousands

Onsite Flu Shots For H1N1 Can Save Employers Thousands

By EBI Screening Expert


2010 Flu Season Is Here – Will Your Workforce Be Protected?

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Each year, 5%-20% of the total population is affected by some degree of influenza.  For an employer, flu season has a direct impact on the company bottom line.  Flu symptoms will cause workers to miss approximately 1.3 days of work, with a loss of production per employee calculated at $575-$1,000 per week.

With vaccination effective rates of 75%-90%, implementing onsite flu shots can save your company thousands of dollars and greatly reduce absenteeism.  For example, a company with 1,000 employees can save over $80,000.  Yearly flu vaccinations should begin in October, and continue throughout the first of the new-year.

EBI offers wellness programs designed for any company’s needs, size or budget.  EBI sets up, manages and administers your onsite inoculation program at one location or multiple locations across the country. Protect your workplace during the 2010-2011 Flu Season – reserve your vaccinations today!


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