EBI Announces Candidate Care Program

Owings Mills, Maryland – January 9, 2017: Candidate Care has always been a big part of our industry-leading customer service. But the Candidate Experience is such a crucial component of any successful onboarding process that EBI feels it deserves its own team of customer service professionals to help every job applicant move smoothly through the process.

The Candidate Care Program includes an Online Candidate Support Center. There, candidates will be able to Live Chat with a Candidate Care Specialist at any point during their application. There is also an easy to navigate and straightforward FAQ section in the online screening portal to answer most common questions. Candidates will have access to our US-based and specially trained Candidate Care team during extended help hours. Candidates also receive a phone number and email address to connect with team members directly.

"At EBI, we are committed-- not only the service and support of our end-user clients-- but also to the thousands of job applicants that interact with our system and team every day,” said EBI’s VP of Client Relations, Sean Kolarik. “The creation of this new department shows our commitment to caring for the unique needs of each group- the employers and their candidates. Our Candidate Care Team will ensure that candidates are receiving the same level of dedication and specific care that our clients are accustomed to."