iCIMS and EBI Screenshot

Partners from the Start

EBI was iCIMS’ first background screening partner. Over the years we’ve fine-tuned our integration to the point of clockwork, incorporating all the bells and whistles that make the hiring process quick and easy for both you and your candidates.

What You Get with an iCIMS-EBI Integration:

Feature What That Means Benefit to You
Package Change Option You can navigate directly from the candidate’s record in iCIMS to the EBI platform, and make on-the-fly adjustments to your pre-defined screening packages. Save time and money. There’s no need to create new packages and update picklists in iCIMS.
Billing Code Passing Report on and analyze your screening activity based on any data supported within iCIMS. Easily see your program’s performance. Run reports by location, department, title, cost to budget, etc.
Configurable Workflow Options Define or configure your background screening process flow to easily fit into your hiring process. Don’t get forced into a rigid, pre-defined integration. You already have a process. We’ll make sure we fit. Not the other way around.
ETA Feature Get notifications on when you can expect the final report for your background screening requests. The ETA status uses real-time, 90-day rolling analytics to determine when final results will be available. Make more informed hiring timeline decisions and proactively communicate next steps with your hiring managers and candidates.
Adjudication Status Get real-time status updates so you can proactively communicate with team members as well as candidates. Save time by proactively facilitating dispute resolution and getting your new hires on board quicker.
Suppressing Results Control who gets access to see the detailed screening results in iCIMS, versus those who are just notified when an order is completed. Allows you to assign report viewing rights to only those users that need to see the full report results.
Multi-User Ordering Allows one user to submit the draft order, and a different user to complete the submission process and control access to the report. This feature also tracks which user executed which tasks. Add extra security to your screening process by limiting access per report versus per user.
On-boarding Advancement Automatically move candidates into the next stage of the hiring process based on the results of the background check. Accelerate time to hire by minimizing the number of clicks you have to take to move your candidate through the hiring process. Especially helpful when you have high volume hiring.
Update SSN & DOB After the candidate enters his/her Social Security Number and Date of Birth in EBI’s platform, EBI posts the information back to the candidate’s record in iCIMS along with the final report. Minimize data entry errors since you won't need to manually enter this information. Also, you can be sure you're getting accurate data, since EBI wouldn't be able to run the check without a valid SSN and DOB.