4 Benefits of an ATS Integration with EBI

4 Benefits of an ATS Integration with EBI

By Tricia O'Connor

Hiring and recruiting specialists in today’s talent acquisition environment crave speed, easy workflow management, and straightforward applicant tracking. Technology officers need something flexible, dependable, customizable, and affordable. Candidates want a simple process without error or data duplication that gets them placed into their job quickly.

Is it possible for everyone involved in hiring to get what they want? Yes!

EBI has one of the most powerful partner ecosystems in the background screening industry, which helps us excel at delivering streamlined, compliant, and candidate-friendly integrations. When you integrate your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with EBI, you get all those business benefits and more.

Not All Integrations are Created Equal

Just like your enterprise organization, no integration is one-size-fits-all. On the back end, the needs of your HR team, technology department, and budget all need to be met. On the front end, your candidates need to be happy. An integration with EBI meets all these requirements.

EBI integrations have standardized processes, adhere to our quality principles, and come with a comprehensive transition framework and support team. Our pre-built ATS integrations can be deployed in less than a day and can link to EBI’s full range of screening solutions. We’ve created a repeatable, scalable, and dependable migration and integration that can immediately service nearly any client.

“We know there are a bunch of background check vendors. By having a suite of standardized integrations, we help our clients get set up quickly, keep their costs low, reduce transition and testing time, and keep the process easy to understand.” – Don Darrah, Vice President of Alliances at EBI

But what’s the benefit to our clients? Here are Darrah’s top four benefits of an ATS integration with EBI.

1. Reduce Redundant Data Entry

Nothing annoys applicants more than having to re-enter the same information repeatedly. This redundancy happens frequently, though, when your ATS is not integrated with your background check company. Not only is this information duplication frustrating for candidates, it also increases the likelihood of errors.

Using a standalone ATS and separate background check process, applicants receive multiple requests to fill out multiple documents with similar information on each document. The two systems can’t communicate with one another to push out a streamlined series of documents.

An integration solves this redundancy. It connects your ATS with EBI and streamlines the information needed to generate the background check report. Applicants no longer need to waste time entering in redundant data and greatly reduces the chance for errors.

In short, with an integration, the entire hiring process for applicants and human resource professionals is faster, smarter, and cleaner.

2. Better Candidate Experience

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

There is a reason this quote resonates with people. The application process is an applicant’s first experience with your company and your brand. As a hiring and recruiting professional, it’s your job to make sure that first impression is as seamless as possible and represents your brand in its best light. You want the application process to fall under your brand’s umbrella so candidates experience your company’s look, feel, and culture straightaway.

You also want to respect the priorities and expectations of today’s job applicant; they want a hiring experience that is fast, mobile-friendly, and streamlined. If you can’t deliver this in your first interaction with applicants, they’ll move on.

An ATS integration with EBI complements your existing recruiting workflow and meets the needs of the modern applicant. Recruiters can complete pre-employment background checks and other screens directly within their ATS. Candidates will appreciate text message alerts and a superior end-to-end mobile recruiting experience. This unified approach strengthens your relationship with an applicant from the first touch point and solidifies your reputation as having a top-tier candidate experience.

3. Faster Recruiting

Attracting, onboarding, developing, and retaining top talent takes time and money. By the time you’re ready to send a background check to the right candidate, you’ve already invested a lot. The last thing you need to think about is losing the perfect candidate to sluggish turnaround time or a sloppy candidate experience. You need a direct line to your applicants.

“When hiring at an enterprise level, the ability to click one button to launch background checks is extremely beneficial. This single sign-on feature saves so much time and eliminates the need for human resource professionals to juggle multiple usernames and passwords.” – EBI’s Darrah

An ATS integration with EBI provides recruiters a single comprehensive view of the hiring process. Recruiters don’t have to jockey between different screens and software platforms to manage the background check process. You can configure your own rules, reporting guidelines, and functionality so EBI’s background check process can easily fit into your pre-existing hiring workflow. Best of all, EBI will notify you when you can expect a candidate’s final background check report.

Informed hiring timeline decisions and proactive communication with candidates and hiring managers couldn’t be easier.

4. Built-in Compliance

Human Resource departments at enterprise organizations are often overloaded. Despite the huge task at hand, there sometimes aren’t enough people to properly manage all the moving parts involved. This is a dangerous game to play, especially when it comes to ensuring compliance with screening laws.

We know of several enterprise organizations who’ve had to settle class action lawsuits stemming from Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) violations. Many of these violations involve insufficient disclosure and authorization forms. That’s a terrifying and costly prospect.

The rules, regulations, and laws governing the screening process evolve rapidly. It’s extremely difficult for an HR department – especially an understaffed one – to keep up. That’s where an ATS integration with EBI can help.

We take ownership of the integration during any ATS software updates and communicate with our partner and with you as we monitor the situation. This helps alleviate any potential stress our clients may feel during these updates. Not all background check companies are willing to put forth this level of ownership.

As your background screening partner, EBI will provide you with access to our industry-leading compliance library of sample forms that contains required federal, state, and local compliance language. As your partner, EBI will provide you with all the reference material necessary to stay compliant with ever-changing employment laws and regulations. We continually monitor employment laws and regulations and make changes to your screening program, at no extra cost to you.

Get to Know EBI

And as an additional benefit when you integrate your ATS with EBI, you get access to our incredible client-support tools:


People leave their background screener because service and support is awful. Not only is our integration and supporting migration service one of the industry’s best, we can confidently say our customer care team is exceptional at advocating for your business goals.

No matter your hiring needs – speed, dependability, simple interface – EBI has an integration that delivers. The result is a solution that helps you seamlessly acquire top talent, while minimizing administrative tasks, headaches, and costly mistakes. Get to know more about EBI  – schedule a demo.

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