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SMART Paperless and Compliant Processing

Smart Candidate Portal

SMART Candidate Portal
J-One™ incorporates the use of Candidate Portals to optimize business efficiencies by reducing the need for data entry. Through an interactive, user-friendly interface that emulates your organization’s website, you enhance the candidate’s experience. The Candidate Portal combines the use of SMART Forms with SMART Mouse Signatures.

Smart Disclosures and Forms SMART Disclosures and Forms
Intuitive paperless SMART Disclosures and Forms are integrated throughout J-One™. Service-specific compliant release forms and consumer documentation for both domestic and international services are automatically deployed, thereby eliminating manual collection of release forms. When used in combination with EBI’s SMART Mouse Signature technology, your entire background screening process becomes seamless and paperless.

Smart Mouse Signature

SMART Mouse Signature

The use of a web-based SMART Mouse Signature technology is integrated into J-One to capture your applicants’ consents. SMART Mouse Signatures (SMS) are submitted only once and then are carried over to multiple SMART Disclosures and Forms as required. The result is reduced lag time with scanning and faxing documents and repeatedly asking for additional signatures. Unlike E-signature confirmations, EBI’s SMART Mouse Signature is globally accepted by employers, educational institutions, and government agencies.
Smart Entry

Laboring at keying in basic applicant information, selecting areas to run your criminal records, completing duplicate requests and finding identity mistakes are now a thing of the past. With J-One™ SMART Entry, simply keying in the candidate’s SSN pre-fills current and historical residences validates the SSN and automatically orders the appropriate criminal record search areas.
Smart Screening Packages SMART Screening Packages
Customized packages are designed to ensure consistent screening programs and compliance with any enterprise-wide screening protocol. Each package can be custom labeled, referenced, and tracked to provide specific reporting by position, department, or facility.
Smart Crims SMART Crims
SMART Crims Technology will automatically process orders based on a client’s preferences. It links an applicant’s name, residential history, and movement patterns with an instant ordering portal to dispatch the appropriate court researcher from EBI’s national network.
Smart Adjudication
SMART Adjudiction

Color coded report statuses will guide you to the right report for convenient sorting, final adjudication and next steps. Approved users can change a corporate review status directly online to reflect your final decision. Report viewing rights can be restricted on a user level to manage sensitive information. One-touch Pre-adverse and Adverse Action letters are pre-formatted with your corporate letterhead and pre-populated with candidate mailing information for your convenience.




  • Global Platform Made Easy and Paperless
  • Paperless and Compliant Processing
  • Functionality and Ease of Use
  • Secured Candidate Portal
  • Electronic Mouse Signature Technology
  • Improve Your Hiring Process with SMART Integrations

Smart Technology Computers

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