EBI-9 Electronic Form I-9 Solutions

A Complete Suite of Electronic Form I-9
& eVerify Solutions

Achieve full compliance with all employment eligibility and E-Verify requirements and virtually eliminate your risk of costly government fines with EBI-9 Solutions. Create, manage and store error-proof Form I-9s with our state-of-the-art technology that instantly checks data as it’s being keyed into the system. Top it all off with the peace of mind that your data is protected by the most secure ISO certified system in the industry.

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ebi-9 eForms & eVerify

EBI-9 eForms makes sure every Form I-9 is error free and is completely integrated with the E-Verify system. Our paperless solution lets you complete, sign and store all documents electronically. It also constantly checks for errors so you don’t miss a single detail.

EBI-9 helps you track results, process tentative non-confirmation letters and ensure 100% compliance. With no servers and no software to maintain, you can search, receive document expiration notices and stay compliant with audited activity logs on each file. The cloud-based system integrates seamlessly with your existing program, gives you real-time results, and eliminates problems caused by human error.

Our solution even allows you to integrate your archived paper I-9s into the new electronic system.

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The logistics of hiring remotely are complicated. Industries that pull talent from across the country and require onboarding of remote hires need a strong partner to help simplify Form I-9 compliance and employment verification. EBI-9 Remote Hire automates the process and eliminates the logistical challenges of not having a representative from the company physically there when doing remote hiring.

Completing Form I-9s in the allotted time can create huge challenges for organizations that hire remotely. Section 1 of the Form I-9 must be completed no later than end of an employee’s first day on the job. Then, you have just three days from that date to finish Section 2. This can be tricky if you don’t have a company representative on-site. EBI-9 Remote Hire’s 100% paperless and mobile solution reduces simplifies this process and reduces the process time from days to minutes by offering you our network of more than 12,500 authorized agents across the country. The process is simple, safe and secure.

When using EBI-9’s Remote Hire system, new hires receive an email or text message with instructions on how to complete the Form I-9 in the presence of an approved agent. Our cloud-based system allows you to complete the I-9 process securely anywhere, even on your mobile device. Use your tablet or smartphone to complete the entire I-9 process. Your staff and applicants have the option to sign the Form I-9 with their mouse, stylus or finger, and then use the click to sign option to confirm that the information is correct. The electronic signature or date/time stamp is then displayed on the screen and shown on the Form I-9.


Not only can you easily complete the necessary forms remotely, but with EBI-9 Remote Agent you have access to our nationwide networks of agents. This network is available whenever and wherever you need them. Our remote agents help applicants complete Section 2 of the Form I-9, making remote hiring easier than ever.

EBI-9 Audit


Once all of your historical Form I-9s are in our easy to manage electronic system, we make sure there are no mistakes that could cost you worry or money down the line. Our EBI-9 Audit & Remediation tool provides electronic conversion and correction of historic paper Form I-9s. With Validate-As-You-Go technology, our 20-tier validation authentication, and 185-point error checking algorithm, EBI-9 Audit and Remediation software enables audit-ready compliance for every I-9. The system also tracks employees who have expiring work authorizations, alerts you when action is needed, and automatically purges expired forms based on federal guidelines. This attention to detail makes you virtually audit proof.

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Key Advantages of EBI-9 eForms Paperless I-9 Compliance Solution

Instant Error Check

Errors on your Form I-9s can cost you up to $1,100 in penalties per form! Think your forms are all in good shape? At least 68% of Form I-9s actually have some kind mistake or missing information. Human error is the leading cause of these costly mistakes, and there are even more mistakes made when the forms are done on paper.
Not being in compliance has cost American businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars, but EBI-9 Solutions was created entirely to keep you compliant. The system guides every step of the data input so forms are completed properly. Invalid data is flagged right away and forms cannot be submitted without everything in its place. The system is easy to follow and intuitive.
Our EBI-9 Audit & Remediation tool performs the same checks on your existing historical forms. Once everything is converted to digital files the system continually checks for expiring work authorizations, purges old forms and sends alerts when any action is needed. All of your Form I-9s… new and old… will be audit ready and accessible at the touch of button.
  • Fully electronic system
  • Access everything through EBI’s J-One
  • Dramatically reduce processing time
  • Constant updates mean you are always compliant
  • Cost effective way to reduce legal risks
  • Provides instantaneous E-Verify submission
  • Automates audit trail history of all required actions
  • Simplifies I-9 self-auditing through easily-customized reports
  • Tighter security and privacy by encrypting and storing Form I-9 data in a physically separate database for each customer and requiring complex passwords
  • Eliminates missed deadlines as our “Notify Me” feature alerts you to required signatures, re-verification or other issues including tentative non-confirmations (TNCs)
  • Reduces audit risk exposure by systemically purging Form I-9s that should be eliminated
  • Organize I-9 Storage based on company location, department, area and region