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Clients Benefit From NAPBS Background Screening Accreditation

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The National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) has recently introduced the Background Screening Agency Accreditation Program (BSAAP) which sets a higher standard of excellence for screening firms willing to achieve this honor.  Only a few companies have embraced this pursuit to solidify their commitment to the clients they serve. Simply put, accreditation means that we share our commitment to data security, uncompromised ethics, unparalleled client service and customer education while protecting the confidentiality and integrity of the consumer information within our care.

As a committed partner and industry leader, EBI demonstrates its diligence and dedication to our clients. In achieving accreditation, EBI has quantified its solid performance in critical areas such as information security, legal compliance, client education, researcher and data standards, verification standards and overall business practices. There are overwhelming benefits of why partnering with EBI will take your background screening program to the highest level in our industry.

At EBI, we incorporate stringent Information Security Standards that safeguard the confidential information within our possession by employing staff members that are properly selected, screened and trained in thorough information handling. EBI’s operation center and information technology systems are secured beyond industry standards which insure the highest level of integrity and maximized protection. No information is housed offshore nor is any work done to fulfill our client’s domestic screening requests outside the United States. The use of data encryption, stringent user authentication and tight security access protocols are also standard operating procedures. EBI clients enjoy the peace of mind that results from our application of security and confidentiality as a primary concerns in every practice and process.

Legal compliance is an ever-changing hurdle within the background screening industry. Through EBI’s commitment and compliance with accreditation legal standards, we employ a regulatory and compliance department that monitors and alerts you of on-going legal and regulatory changes as a personal advocate. We provide our clients with the correct forms, documentation and resources to keep their background screening process compliant whether they operate in a single state, across the country, or even globally.

Educating our clients has always been a standard at EBI. Our commitment to accreditation and educating you starts when you first speak to our knowledgeable Sales Team. We ask the right questions so we can customize a screening program that provides maximum impact and return on investment for your organization. Our friendly Implementation Team will ensure that you understand how to read a consumer report and further educate you on the tools and resources available at easy access. Our Customer Care Team is in place to answer questions and serve your every need on a daily basis. We offer articles, white papers, webinars, and other industry information to always keep you educated and informed. That is our commitment to your screening success!

Background screening is not just conducted within the walls of our operation center, our family and information resources stretch around the world. EBI utilizes hundreds of court researchers and information resources that work as your partner—they share the same passion for excellence and speed. Our standard is one of the highest in the industry and we go through great lengths to hand pick only the best partners. Before a researcher can become a member of the EBI family, each must pass a stringent vetting process and on-going quality assurance testing. Accreditation means that our public record researchers share the same standard of compliance, security and confidentiality when handling your applicant’s information.

Credentialing and verification of your applicant’s work experience and education are critical to the success of any organization. Accreditation ensures that EBI Verification Specialists undergo documented training and adhere to EBI's philosophy of professionalism while embracing a code of ethics that is unmatched in our entire industry. Each understands the importance of verifying information through credible sources and documents their efforts through the process, while keeping a keen eye out for fraud. Our Verifications Department is your committed partner, working to ensure that your next new hire has the right credentials to be a proper fit in your organization.

Accreditation standards run deep throughout the entire EBI organization. Our commitment to accreditation is a pledge to our industry and an obligation to our clients. This pledge ensures that our clients receive the highest quality of information so we can serve their best interests.

Contact EBI today and find out more about how you can partner with an accredited leader in the background screening industry.

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