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With the resources EBI has at its disposal for background screening, drug testing, and human resources management, we felt it was time to offer a consolidated location for accessing many of our best public research materials, hence EBI's background screening online library was born.

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Violence in the Workplace:

Instances up by 41%

In the media, violence in the workplace has struck yet again, where in South Carolina a man accused of killing two co-workers at a Wendy's restaurant was found to have an arrest record dating back 10 years. Not surprisingly, the man in question had not been subject to background screening.

Violence in the workplace is a sadly common fact, and was the topic of an Annual Conference & Exposition for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Statistics on workplace violence that were addressed at the conference reveal that homicide is the leading cause of death for women in the workplace and it is the second overall cause of death for all American workers. An average of 20 workers are murdered each week in the U.S.

And, violence in the workplace has increased by 41% in the last decade, costing lives, and as a secondary concern, costing money. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the annual tab for violence as well as stress-inducing hostility in the workplace is about $13.5 billion in medical costs and 1.75 million lost work days. It's a terrifying fact, but according to the U.S. Justice Department one of every four American workers has a chance of being victimized by workplace violence.

While the majority of violent incidents on-the-job are perpetrated by strangers entering the work space, a large chunk do involve persons with a relationship to the workplace.

This is why background screening is so important in today's modern work environment. As in the South Carolina case, many perpetrators of violence in the workplace have a history of such behavior, and thorough background screening should uncover a criminal history on local, state, and federal levels.

Furthermore, many violent workers have a history of drug and/or alcohol abuse on-the-job, which could easily be controlled by the implementation of pre-employment drug testing, random drug testing, and post-accident drug testing.

At least 20% of workplace violence could be controlled with reliable background screening, saving companies millions of dollars, and protecting thousands of workers from workplace assault and its effects.

Call EBI to discuss designing a drug testing program to suit your company's needs.Our reliable drug testing programs will give you peace of mind about drug use in your workplace.

Criminal records searches. Random drug testing. Reference checks. Everything for a comprehensive picture of your prospective employees.

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Workplace Violence

Did you know...
An average of 20 workers are murdered each week in the U.S.