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J-One™ SMART Global Screening Platform


International screening solutions are managed and delivered through our SMART Global Screening Platform. The days of missing information and out-of-date forms are over, as EBI’s system incorporates country specific screening protocols, data collection requirements, and on-demand SMART Forms and Documents. You will know when specific information is required for a country or service before you even hit the submit button. At EBI, process optimization and the candidate experience do not differ based on the borders of individual countries.

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Global Business People

Global Screening Made Paperless and Compliant


International Map

Global Solution Options
To enhance international due diligence, EBI provides a full range of legally compliant services around the world such as criminal record checks, employment and education verifications, motor vehicle records, credit history reports, ID verifications, and drug testing solutions to name a few. Services can be ordered on an a la carte basis or as part of a pre-configured package.

Global With Countries

Country Specific Database
J-One’s SMART Global Screening Platform holds a dynamic, worldwide database of hundreds of countries and thousands of unique jurisdictions which provides an error-free way of selecting the right country and area every time. Based on country selection, required fields and proper country terminology will automatically be displayed within our system. This process helps to ensure that the correct data is being obtained up front, and the background check can be conducted accurately and with streamlined efficiency.

Mandatory Fields

Mandatory Information Required
J-One’s SMART Global Processing Technology is dynamic and completely automated based on the country and service being conducted for each candidate. Once a territory outside the United States is selected, data capture requirements intuitively change to the specific country, territory, and product requirements with each mandatory field highlighted.

Smart Disclosures and Forms

SMART Form Technology
The J-One SMART Forms library contains the current country and service specific disclosure and authorization forms needed to conduct services outside of the United States. J-One’s SMART Form Technology will automatically “serve up” any required form in conjunction with your international request before your order is submitted. Requesters have the option of either downloading each executed form into J-One directly or faxing each form using J-One’s SMART Barcode Fax Technology and the executed forms will automatically be scanned into the order request. J-One’s Candidate Portal offers requesters another option by having the candidate sign each form using J-One’s SMART Mouse Signature Technology for a paperless and compliant process.

Smart Mouse Signature

SMART Candidate Portal and Mouse Signatures
J-One’s SMART Global Processing Platform used in conjunction with the J-One SMART Candidate Portal provides a secure web-based interface for an applicant to supply required information for international background checks. A candidate can now supply information confidentially and provide their consent in a paperless and secure manner using J-One’s SMART Mouse Signature Technology. This process saves you significant time in data entry and offers a paperless and compliant way to obtain the candidate’s authorization and signature online.


  J-One SMART Technology Innovations  

Blue Bullet on Blue Scalable Web-based Architecture

Blue Bullet on Blue Synergetic Integration

  Blue Bullet on Blue Functionality and Ease of Use

Blue Bullet on Blue Business Process Optimization


Blue Bullet on Blue Paperless and Compliant Process

Blue Bullet on Blue SMART Candidate Portal






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