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We have decided to pull back the curtain and show you what really makes a good pre-employment background check. Today, we begin a four part series by showing you how solid background screening companies make sure the information you receive is accurate.

We hope this peek behind the curtain answers questions you might have about the process. Enjoy!


A Gallup poll at the end of 2015 found that a majority of Americans now believe marijuana should be legal. In 1969 only 12% of adults felt this way, but the number has been steadily rising year after year. Now, the support stands at 58%. As of this moment, 17 states have decriminalized the possession of small amounts of the drug, while nearly half of the states have legalized the drug to treat specific medical conditions.

Earlier this year USA Today conducted an investigation that sent chills down the spines of parents across the country. The report showed teachers with histories of violence and even sex crimes were playing the system. Many were being allowed to resign instead of getting fired for inappropriate contact with students, and were then able to find their way back into classrooms by simply crossing into a different district. You can read our blog on the investigation here.