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Earlier this year a cyber-attack compromised the personal information of thousands of employees at the Department of Homeland Security. Reports say it was a state-sponsored attack that put the personal information of tens of thousands of DHS employees at risk. Mistakes are an unavoidable part of life, but when it comes to your candidates’ information, you have a responsibility.  You can start fulfilling that responsibility by making sure you chose a screening firm that makes cyber-security a top priority.

It seems like I am writing about Uber a lot lately.  It bothers me because the goal of this blog is never to call out or shame companies.  I do, however, want to teach you how to protect your business.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, Uber is proving to be a good case study by providing so many teachable moments.

As of today, 23 states and Washington, D.C. have legalized pot for medical purposes. The list of ramifications for employers is long and complicated, and new issues seem to crop up every day.  One of the many interesting questions has to do with who pays for this “medicine” that is still illegal according to the federal government?  Earlier this year, a New Mexico Court of Appeals answered, and their decision might surprise you.  

Background screening has become a staple tool for employers; a large percentage of companies wouldn’t even consider putting someone on the payroll without a comprehensive screen.  It can be a huge challenge, however, to get a program up and running, especially if you are a smaller company.  The hardest part is simply, “Where do I start?”