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Paramount Pictures specializes in the world of make believe, but a class action lawsuit against the entertainment giant is very real.  The corporation is the latest in a long line of household names to be sued for allegedly violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

The District of Columbia has been wrestling with several issues regarding legal marijuana.  A majority of voters passed Initiative 71 during the mid-term elections, which was intended to make recreational marijuana legal, but Congress is withholding funds needed to make legalization a complete reality.

Now, the D.C. Council has passed a new temporary law that will ban employers from drug testing job applicants. 


Two of the Ducks most lauded players, Darren Carrington and Ayele Forde were banned from Monday’s game after failing an NCAA drug test that was administered at the Rose Bowl.  This team has seemed unstoppable all season.  According to Sports Illustrated they averaged 49 points over their last nine games… but ultimately finished their run by getting trounced by Ohio State 42-20.

Until recently, the topic of marijuana only came up in law school classes during discussions about criminal or constitutional law.

Now, some schools across the country are adding courses that hope to tackle some of the challenges facing the nation as states begin legalizing the drug.

You might not normally question whether a McDonald’s employee has gone through a rigorous background check. But the second that employee comes out from around the counter, dresses up as Santa and sits kids in his lap, the dynamic changes.  When this happened in Baytown, Texas, the restaurant received an anonymous call that “Santa” was a registered sex offender who had served 12 years in jail for molesting an 11 year old boy. Police then...