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A survey conducted by www.Yougov.com found that more than half of all Americans believe marijuana should be legal. In the January 15th survey, 52% percent of respondents under the age of 65 said marijuana should be legalized. In March of 2015 that number was 48%. Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Washington, D.C. have legalized recreational marijuana in some form, and 23 others have given the OK for the drug’s medical use.

It’s not terribly hard to look good on paper. A nice resume can often get you in the door. There are also plenty of people who can ace an interview in their sleep. Jonathan Segal, a partner with Duane Morris in Philadelphia once told me people are perfect only twice in their lives… the day they are born and the day the interview for a job. While many of us claim to be “a good judge of character”… would you be willing to bet your company’s health on your ability?

The Columbus Dispatch and CBS local affiliate WBNS-TV conducted an investigation into Ohio’s computerized background-check system, and the results were chilling for anyone who had relied on it to vet an employee over the last few years. The investigation discovered crippling problems that make the entire system completely unreliable. It’s only 15-years old, but the system repeatedly fails when it comes to providing accurate information about convicted felons.