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Sporttechie.com published an article that will be really interesting to all of you football fans out there.  Apparently NFL scouts are no longer focusing on just the player’s moves on the field.  Instead, they are more like detectives delving into prospects’ personal lives. One of the scouts interviewed for the piece says they now spend about 70-percent of their time doing background checks.

Eight members of Congress wrote an open letter to the three top ride-sharing companies urging them to “...use the most rigorous and comprehensive screening methods.”  The letter goes on to say that the lawmakers do not believe Uber, Lyft and Sidecar are utilizing “all of the available tools to ensure passenger safety.  The letter continued with, “Your companies should implement fingerprint-based background checks right now.”

In the wake of the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse scandal, Pennsylvania lawmakers pushed through amendments to the state Child Protective Services law that requires all teachers, staff, administrators, contractors and volunteers to go through a pretty rigorous clearance process before they are allowed to work with children.  To read more about the specific changes click here

Taxi drivers in Quebec must now undergo mandatory criminal background checks before getting or renewing a taxi permit. The new rules went into effect for new taxi drivers in December, and on January 1 for those needing to renew.  The legislation came about because a number of women came forward accusing drivers of sexual assault and harassment.

Think no one will notice if you neglect to check whether a new employee is eligible to work in the U.S.? The federal government is cracking down on immigration paperwork violations and the penalties are more severe than you probably realize. A recent case in Maryland shows us very clearly why I-9 violations are no small matter.