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Have you ever compared your payroll data to your I-9 records? Would you have even thought to do such a thing? Many business owners don’t realize that this is a great way to self-audit your I-9 information and possibly head-off significant fines should Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) show up at your door. 

Accuracy is our first priority at EBI. This may be stating the obvious, but criminal record search results must be accurate to be useful in employment decisions. Results must also be accurate to protect the organization making the decision. Ensuring accuracy, however, sometimes impacts the length of time needed to return results to our client – turnaround time.

Leave it to the federal government to make a complex situation even more impossible. Marijuana laws now differ in almost every state. Some allow it for medicinal use; others have gone whole hog and made even recreational use ok.  These all fly in the face of the federal laws which still have pot classified as a banned drug according to the Controlled Substances Act.