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BAT And Instant Alcohol Testing

Instant oral fluid alcohol test collected on-site.  Approved by DOT as a screening test and must be accompanied by a BAT for required confirmation.


What does this service provide?  

EBI’s QED ™ (Instant Saliva Alcohol Screen) is an on-site, low-cost alternative to breath or blood testing.  It is an excellent option as a post-accident or just-cause testing method and is approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT) as a screening test.  

QED Small 

Key Benefits

  • A Breath Alcohol Test at a collection facility would be needed if a confirmation test is necessary.  EBI is equipped to set up a complete network of collections sites with certified BAT operators to perform the confirmation test. 

  • The QED ™ devices are available in a package of 10, and can be used on-site after the "collector” (i.e., Human Resources Manager or Safety Manager) has had the appropriate training provided by EBI. 
  • The test is easy to operate and provides quantitative results.  EBI will provide the appropriate authorization paperwork for donor’s to consent to the testing.  


Breath Alcohol Testing (BAT) is conducted in conjunction with the QED ™ to determine the concentration of breath alcohol in a donor’s specimen.  BATs are conducted in a clinical location by a certified technician and in accordance with DOT regulations.

Key Benefits

  • EBI also provides Breath Alcohol Tests (BAT), performed to determine whether the donor has a concentration of alcohol in a breath specimen. 
  • BATs are conducted at clinic locations and performed by certified BAT technicians in strict adherence to DOT guidelines. 
  • In the event of a non-negative result, the Breath Alcohol Technician will immediately call the Designated Employer Representative (DER) at your company to report the result and to arrange for transportation from the clinic. 
  • Copies of BAT results are forwarded to you immediately after testing. 
  • Available for Regulated (DOT) and Non-regulated (Non-DOT) Programs.  

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